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First Day


Stay and Play -

To assist your child/children in familiarising themselves with their new environment, we encourage you to organise a 'Stay and Play' within our centre before their starting date. This provides an opportunity for your child/children to explore their new environment and meet their new educator and peers. 

Belongings and Labels -

To encourage and provide some comfort to your child/children before their starting date at Holy Name ELCC. We encourage new families to find a bag that their child/children can use, allow them to help pack their bag with all their belongings needed (listed below). 

We encourage you to label all your child's/children's items, to help both your child/children and their educators. 

What to bring

Below is a list of items that is needed when your child/children begin their first day at Holy Name. These items will then be stored in your child/children's personal locker within their room, and will be required to bring from day one.

  • Backpack

  • Water Bottle 

  • Milk Bottle (if required) 

  • Comforters (if required)

  • Spare Clothes 

  • Sun Hat

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